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Refugees in Europe face hostility. Thousands of women, men and children are brutally refused at our borders and experience severe violence. Those who make it live in overcrowded camps or under inhumane conditions in shelters throughout Europe.

Now it’s time for change! Together with refugee organisations across Europe we campaign for a humane, European asylum system based on solidarity. Many citizens show solidarity with refugees in their daily lives, now it’s up to our politicians to protect refugees and change the failing system.

Help us and raise your voice! Give solidarity a chance and sign the petition!

Police violence, dangerous pushbacks and endless stays in overcrowded camps: refugees face increasing hostility at Europe’s borders. But human rights are not only violated at our borders; refugees throughout Europe often live in inhumane reception centres or even on the streets.

In the current European asylum system, the first country of arrival is responsible for the refugee's reception and asylum procedure. This is the so called ‘Dublin system.’ Countries like Greece and Italy have received a disproportionate number of refugees, while other EU states have failed to show solidarity and have neglected urgent calls for help and relocation. The result has been a policy deterrence and pushbacks at the borders, forcing refugees to take dangerous routes onwards in the EU in their search for safety. This unjust and broken system leads to human rights violations and chaos, leaving many refugees vulnerable and unprotected within the EU.

We call on European politicians to work together and change the current system. We demand a humane European asylum system based on solidarity. EU countries must share the responsibility for the reception and protection of refugees, ensuring humane living conditions and safe routes within the EU.
It’s time to raise your voice! Give solidarity a chance and sign the petition